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High Performance HTTP/2

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450gbps DDoS Filtering

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Riorey and Voxility Mitigation

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Panel DDHP Guard 3.0 (Monitor)

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DDHP Security is pleased to announce a great advancement in its trans-Pacific services. As of today, we now peer directly with both of China’s two major Internet Providers, China Unicom and China Telecom. This advancement will have a tremendous effect for our Asian-based customers as this will decrease latency and packet loss while increasing network performance. DDHP Security is one of the few US-based hosting companies to peer with both upstream providers and we are excited for our customers to be able to experience this upgrade.

Global DNS Anycast [10 Servers Geographically] DDHP Security DNS Anycast boosts website performance by using advanced networking,
dynamic caching and content optimization techniques and dedicated servers of high resources.
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About DDHP Security - DDos Protected Hosting

DDHP Security offer DDoS Protected Hosting for HYIP Sites and is a internet solutions company backed by IT experts specializing in security, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in New York, Atlantic City, with cloud and DDoS scrubbing centers in America, Europe and Asia.

DDHP Security provides unique, high-performing of cloud hosting with easy management and redundancy, that delivers the benefits of a shared environment with control and resources of dedicated.

DDHP Security delivers a comprehensive set of security solutions to enable high volume websites and applications to provide secure, high-performing and highly available user experiences.

DDHP Security VS Competitions

From here you can see difference Online of Service providers ddos protected hosting and HYIP Hosting. Download and prints Difference of DDHP VS Competitions

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